Vivian  Hart

October 9, 1916 — March 4, 2008

On March 3, 2008, a beautiful day in Laguna Woods, California, Vivian Lidgard Hart’s eternal soul departed on the train to glory to join her late husband Hal of 60 years and her younger sisters Dorothy (Babe) Harper and Helen Wayne in the next life.  Her physical body expired just past midnight.  Unofficial cause of death was Ripe Old Age of 91.  She was the beloved mother of Hal, Jr. (Buzz, with his wife Ruth), Meredith Ann Jury, and Charles (Chuck), and granddaughters Erika and Alison — all of whom were with her in her final days and will miss her dearly. 

It was Vivian’s decision, typical of her strength and determination, to have all treatment and nutrition suspended and to return home from the hospital when internal problems were not resolving themselves.  She wished to die in familiar surroundings with family and caregivers, under hospice care.  She was comfortable at home for 4+ days before the end, and conscious until her final hours, regaling her granddaughters and everyone else with humor and fond memories from throughout her life.

Born in Indiana to Josephine (Jay) and Harrison (Harry) Lidgard on October 9, 1916, Vivian was engaged in music, photography, historical research, and swimming, horseback riding and golf among other sports in her early years.  Married on her birthday in 1942 to Halbert Marvin Hart (a Montana-raised chemical engineer she met via their common interest in playing Bridge), she was primarily a wife and mother in her adult life — but those simple titles can not do her justice:  She was the heart and soul of her family, always supportive and encouraging, teaching everyone (often by example) values and broad interests.  She was devoted to her family, Presbyterian churches, and service activities; had a smile for every situation; and was just a pleasure to be around.

With more than her share of medical/health issues, Vivian always maintained a positive attitude, and was proud of living longer than anyone ever had in her family.  And, that since moving to California in 1999, she made 69 consecutive concerts at the LA Music Center with Meredith.  Nevertheless, for years she has been ready to move on when her time  comes.

She died at peace and in dignity, exactly as she scripted the scene:  In her last breath of consciousness, she folded her hands in prayer and announced she was now going to say her final prayers.  Her will, her emotional strength, and her faith have made this event a life celebration and so easy for the rest of us.  A grand exit for a grand lady!

Vivian spent her youth and almost half her adulthood in Indiana, and a few years each in Utah, Missouri, and California.  But, because she fell in love with the Rocky Mountains after meeting Hal and they enjoyed 21 years of retirement living in Colorado Springs, a memorial — A Celebration of Vivian — is being planned for Rocky Mountain National Park on July 10.

Contributions in Vivian’s name should be made to the Braille Institute

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