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Dec., 2014, also covers 2013; sorry, we've fallen behind since then ... ??)

Ruth - A terminal

In Greece, 2007

Hal - Man for all
For now, keep up on the life & times of the Harts (married 50 years as of August 21, 2019), esp. their first 9.5 years after RETIREMENT  in 2005
via our
2014 Holiday Letter  (also see 2012's, 2011's, 2010's, 2009's, 2008's, 2007's, 2006's & 2005's & 2004's & 2002's)

Or, laugh at some of Hal's "Top-10 TRW Memories" from their 2005 retirement party --  Click Here

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For a webpage celebrating the life of Vivian Hart (Hal's mother) --  Click Here
Ruth's mother Helen passed in 2015, at age 94.

St. Hart's Day LII (52) is Saturday, Feb. 15, 2020.
Our annual get-together with friends & neighbors for pizza & beer/soda (BYO wine), music, catching up, ... (oh yes , Grunion Poker too)
-- Sorry, no heated pool this year.   Unfortunately, we can not always guarantee the most-wonderful-weather-in-44-years but odds are it won't rain.  (And, we have a patio heater which might still work.)  Always the Saturday nearest Feb. 14 44 years in California!   Click graphic at left for your 2020 invitation. 

Alison Kay Hart 37-Year old Alison  graduated with a degree in Biology from Washington University in St. Louis in 2004 and pursued a Masters in  Public Policy  at Brown.  She moved into her old "suite" at home in 2010, and  volunteered at Habitat for Humanity of Greater Los Angeles until gaining employment.  Alison was hired by Habitat in October, 2011. 
Erika Mazur Hart
40-Year old Erika graduated from Brown in 2001 with a B.S. in Computer Science and as uncrowned campus lawn-wrestling champion .  She worked at start-up Tazz Networks in Providence, where she still resides.   Visit her "celebrity" webpage by clicking here.    

Omnilore, the Winking Owl
Immediately upon retirement, we joined Omnilore a South-Bay-based Learning-in-Retirement organization.   The neat thing about Omnilore is that it's almost completely self-organized & self-taught by the retiree members.  Everyone has to prepare & give a presentation at one of the bi-monthly class sessions over our 4-month trimesters, sometimes lead discussion of a chapter of a common reading, and always be prepared for vigorous intellectual discussion.  Ruth got drafted onto the Omnilore Board and the Curriculum Committee and was elected President of Omnilore in only her 4th year and served 2 one-year terms, Hal co-organizes the recurring Shakespeare class and is co-webmaster & co-Equipment Manager, and both lend techie support not that many of these lively, wired seniors need much help.  The sketches of Ruth & Hal at the top of this webpage are by retired sketch artist Bernie Sills, done as part of his presentation in a recent Omnilore class on "Political Cartoons." 
Visit the Omnilore website by clicking on the owl at left.   If this interests you, a nationwide network of such organizations is the Osher Lifelong Learning Institutes; or, Google "learning in retirement."
MEMORIES:  Boris & Natasha (at left) became parents Feb.24, 1999. Here's a photo memory of when they had those 6 growing kitties (only Baby took up permanent residence) and their then house-mates.  2017's roster includes 2009-rescued Panu (a Siamese), guessed to now be 13 or 14 years old, Alison's twoTuxedo-Cat boys cats, Drew (about 16) and S'more (age 10), plus newcomer Pearl (a young female Siamese rescued from a feral cat colony in 2013).  We are their servants.

Baby, eventually diagnosed with her mother Natasha's fatal kidney disease, was taken just before her 10th birthday in late 2008.  Boris and Fluffy passed on to Cat Heaven in 2012.)
Habitat for Humanity logo
Habitat for Humanity (building houses for qualifying low-income families) is worth checking out; click at left.  Hal worked about 25 days in 2004 and only slight more in 2005, his first year of retirement, but upped it to 40 days in 2006.  2007 was busier (close to 100 days or partial days), as we hosted the annual Jimmy Carter Work Project (JCWP'07) Oct.28-Nov.2, building 30 housing units; Hal headed the Safety Committee, which was a novel & interesting experience.  May, 2008, was probably the pinnacle of his Habitat career, travelling to New Orleans with 6 fellow LA volunteers and blitz building a house in the 9th Ward from foundation to almost ready-to-move-in in 5 days flat (impossible in Los Angeles), under the house leadership of former Habitat LA AmeriCrop Jennie Dunn (then on New Orleands Habitat staff and rising fast).   Hal's 2002 metal replacement knee only lasted 6 and a fraction years (it wobbles), so he put himself on the Habitat DL most of 2009, but got back on tall ladders, scaffolds, and roof a few months after knee "revision" surgery performed for March, 2010.  He now mainly focuses on safety duties and helps teach our Cornerstone training class for new volunteers, but still loves an occasional day of crew-leading.  Also, visit our local Greater Los Angeles Habitat affiliate by clicking here to find out what help they need right now;

                            Softball Club
Grunion'77 was Hal's TRW slow-pitch softball team that played in TRW's intramural slow-pitch softball league from 1977 to 2013.  We won our last "B" league championship in our 31st year (& 54th season, counting winters) in 2007, after which we were "exiled" to the "A" league, almost making the championship game in 2009. 4 original team members (Walt, Steve,Ben, Hal) were still playing as recently as 2011 -- guess what, we 4 average way over 60 years of age now.  Youngster Ben kept playing as Hal, Steve, & Walt faded away.  "New" recruits included 2 more who hit 30 years with the team (one while still under 50), but also a bunch of newbies under 35.    As we bounced between the "B" and "A" leagues for a third of a century, always in the "B" league playoffs, we won more than our share of championships (& the "C" league trophy in '77).  (2008, 2007, 2006, 2005, 2004, & 2003 final stats available by clicking at left.)  Hal's designated successor at team captain kept Grunion'77 together for years, but it finally passed into history in 2014.  :-(

Hal's needed March 2010 knee-revision surgery (see Habitat above) should have been his softball-career-ending.  BUT after playing one game in April of 2011, when he went 2-for-2 plus a walk, he did officially retire.  He had hits for the Grunion in 5 consecutive decades (as did Walt and Ben).
Hal was into the Ada programming language most of his working career.  Visit the website of ACM's Special Interest Group on Ada, of which he is Past Past Past Chair.  Hal's participation waned in retirement (but not his passion about Ada's benefits).

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